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Boat Damage Policy

Sanibel Harbour Yacht Club Condominium Association Policy on Damage to Members’ Boats

In the case of damage occurring to a member’s boat, the following actions are to be taken immediately:

The Harbour Master is to be informed immediately, and an Incident Report is to be completed. The property is to be photographed and all damage is to be accurately documented. All information is to be duplicated, with one set of copies to be kept by the Harbour Master and the other to General Manager.

The Member/owner is to be immediately notified by the Harbour Master. In the event that blame for the damage cannot be determined the damage claim must be submitted to the Damage Committee for investigation.

The Harbour Master is to obtain repair estimates from two vendors pre-approved by the Association. A vendor will be chosen by the Association to complete the repair. If the owner chooses to use an alternate vendor for the repair, the Association is to pay for the cost of the repair in an amount equal to the average of the two estimates obtained from the pre-approved vendors.

Board of Directors,
Sanibel Harbour Yacht Club