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Fuel/Complaints/Boat Hull Clear Space Policy

Fuel Payments

  1. With the exception of item 2 below, ALL fuel purchased to be placed on owners or lessees account, to be billed and paid monthly.
  2. Guests of owners or lessees who do not have an account at SHYC and who wish to purchase fuel for the owners or lessees’ vessel will be allowed to purchase by credit card. NO Credit Cards to be accepted without proper ID that certifies that the Credit Card is being used by the owner of the card.


Our objective is to respond to all concerns, complains, questions, action items, or comments quickly, efficiently, and accurately. ALL concerns, complains, questions, action items, or comments are to be written and sent by Certified Mail to the SHYC General Manager at the SHYC mailing address. The Board through its General Manager will respond to the inquiry within 30 days as required by The Florida Condominium Act. All communications must contain the name, unit number, address, and phone number of members.

Send to:

Chad Edmonds
General Manager
Sanibel Harbour Yacht Club
15051 Punta Rassa Road
Fort Myers, FL 33908

The Board will respond to one (1) written inquiry from any member or lessee in any 30-day period.

Boats and Equipment

All boats and equipment are the owner or operator’s responsibility after launching; Water Pump impellers, Propellers, Lower Units, Struts, Rudders, and Trim Tabs are included but not a complete list of the Vessel and Equipment.

Boat Hull Clear Space (for forks, launching, and retrieval)

  • Establish a 15″ minimum clear lifting area standard for all boats to be lifted at SHYC. Boats not meeting this standard will require a custom rack provided by the owner. The Board has the authority in its sole discretion, to decide if the boat can be safely lifted. The Board shall execute this authority as outlined below.

Utilize the following procedure for establishing the need for a custom rack:

  • Lift operator notices/questions boat clearance/safety notifies Harbor Master
  • Harbor Master and General Manager examine the boat, notify Safety Committee member and Board of Directors member.
  • Agreement of the above will generate a communication to boat owner of problem and solution.
  • Boat owner will have up to 30 days to correct the problem.

Board of Directors
Sanibel Harbour Yacht Club