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President’s Report: August 2022

Dear Members,

In spite of the hot, very muggy and wet weather, business at the club continues to be strong. Fuel prices have come down a bit but are still over 5.19 a gallon. Inflation continues to be a major concern as almost every item that we purchase from supplies to food and beverage continues to go up. Management continues to be diligent with every aspect of purchases and working to get the best prices available from different suppliers.

On a positive note, the Board would like to welcome back Henry Bonilla to the club. He is joining Javier, Kristi and Kyle as an assistant harbormaster. With the continuing labor shortage, we will be working on all aspects of our marine division including supervision of the valet service. Henry has been with the club for 4 years and has done a terrific job for us. Our staff may be short in numbers, but we have a strong core of management and long-term employees.

Our Labor Day “weekend hot dog giveaway” will be held on September 3rd. Free hotdogs and snacks for all. Chad will send out details before the event.

The next Board meeting will be in September. It may be rescheduled from the posted date of September 15 due to a scheduling conflict with some of the Board Members. You will be notified of the new date if in fact it is changed.

Summer Projects Completed

Many of our summer projects have been completed and all will be finished shortly. Photos of some of the finished projects will be attached. The list of completed projects is as follows:

  1. The replacement of the railroad docks and wet slip dock lights. Photo attached.
  2. The replacement of some old rusty wall siding near the boat washer station.
  3. Exterior painting of the clubhouse is 80% completed.
  4. The wood on the clubhouse railings has been fixed.
  5. The concrete patching still has 1 more section to complete. The contractor is awaiting back ordered patch material.
  6. The big lift will be getting new forklift covers in the next few weeks. The team will also begin repainting the lifts to make them look like new again.
  7. Numerous common area maintenance and repairs have also been completed.

There is a great deal of planning and expense to keep our club looking great. We are fortunate to have management that is extremely diligent in keeping SHYC a facility that we can all be proud of. 

Financial Report

Total Reserve$345,364

Let’s Be Good Neighbors

We have received complaints from Punta Rassa of boats that are making a great deal of noise when returning to the marina late in the evening, in particular loud radios. Please be courteous and refrain from doing so if you return after the club closes. Let’s be both good and SAFE neighbors! 

Employee of the Month

The Employee of the month for July was Dianna Morgenthal. She is a bartender and server, and her work has been exemplary.

In closing, I want to thank you once again for your support of the Board in its job of keeping SHYC one of the premier Yacht Clubs in SWF. If your experience at SHYC is exceptional or if it fails to meet your expectations, please let me know. I am always available to help members in any way. 

Peter Mazzagatti, President