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President’s Report: February 2022

Dear Members,

We are in the heart of our busy season and despite unseasonably cold weather and more rain than usual the launch activity and sales are exceeding last year’s today by a considerable amount. Our challenging labor shortage is still an issue but we are doing well with the staff that we have.

For those of you who are not aware, there was a severe tornado that stuck near our club on January 21st. Member Jack Jamison who lives next door to the club at the Punta Rassa condominiums took the photo of the approaching storm. Although the storm caused significant damage to nearby properties, thankfully, there was no damage to the club.
As I noted in last month’s newsletter, last year saw significant projects at the club, mostly for upgrade and safety concerns. We have just completed a project to refurbish the dock area by the fish station. Both the stringers and the boards needed to be replaced.


February has been a busy month for member events. We had a fun run scheduled for February 8TH at the Boat House in Cape Coral. I pick the event dates in December and due to my uncanny ability to pick a date with bad weather we were forced to cancel since it was a cold, rainy and windy day. We had the maximum of 10 boats with 39 members aboard on the original date. The event was rescheduled for February 10th and due to member conflicts of various natures including weather in the 50’s, 4 boats and 13 members attended. Those who did attend had a good time and enjoyed meeting new members.

Our next fun run will be in March. The date will be announced shortly since we are trying to make arrangements to hold the event at the Green Flash restaurant in Captiva. Recently under new management, it is a great restaurant and is owned by one our members. We will also plan a second fun run event in late March or early April.


Our Italian Feast Buffet will be held on February 17th. Our first Italian Feast was a great success and we had a record number of attendees.

As a proud Italian American and lover of great food, I take great pride in this special event that I began several years ago. If you love EXCEPTIONAL Italian cuisine this event is for you love great Italian food. The food is top of the line and the sauce (or as my family calls it “Gravy” is a recipe that has been in my family for over 100 years. The event will be from 5-8. No reservations are required and the cost for the all you can eat buffet is only $19.99 per person.


Our second Sanibel Sing-A-Long will be on Thursday March 3rd. This event has gotten more popular every year. As usual our February Sing-A-Long we had a big crowd and many of the members and their guests stayed until the end of the night. The Sanibel Sing Along is our unique version of traditional karaoke. Some people like to sing solo, some dance and most just sing along to their favorite oldies. The only rule that we have is for everyone to have fun and that they DO! PRIZES of free drinks, SHYC tee-shirts and caps will be awarded throughout the night.

All members will receive email notices. Join us and relive the favorite music of our youth. We thank our Board Secretary, Nick Amelio, for his kindness and generosity in providing these fun events. Nick does so much for the club and is such an asset to membership with his outstanding and broad-based business knowledge.


Cash on Hand$187, 692
Accounts Receivable$53,792
Accounts Payable$21,354

Employee of the Month

Our January Employee of the Month is Javier Medina Employee of the month. Javier is a boat washer who joined during the pandemic. He is hard working, and he has been flexible through difficult times. Congratulations Javier!

I have always been a proponent of increasing social activities at the club. We have tried many things, some successful and some not so successful If you have any ideas to assist in this venture, please email at and let me know your ideas!

As always, thank you all for your continued support and encouragement to the Board, management and our staff. Please let me know if your club experience fails to meet or exceeds your expectations.

Peter Mazzagatti, President