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President’s Report: July 2022

I hope that you are all having a healthy and enjoyable Summer. We are having a busy summer season at our club. Our building capacities are at 97%. Slip sales are doing well. There is also a waiting list for many of the larger slips. We had record sales in June even with soaring gas prices. We sold over 4000 gallons more fuel from the same time period last year. Fuel prices have come down sharply and currently are $5.57 a gallon. You just never know what the fuel will cost from week to week. Last week was the first time in months that we did not have an increase in fuel prices.

The July 4 Hot Dog Giveaway event was a fun event for all. Mother nature co-operated and it was the first time in years that we have not had a late afternoon or early evening storm. We stay open late on the 4th until the fireworks are done. Many of our members took advantage of the weather and great location to take their boats out to watch one of the multiple fireworks displays a short distance from the club from the water. Nothing like it!

Our summer maintenance programs are underway. We completed the new concrete ramp for handicap accessibility to the fish cleaning stations and re-leveled the pavers on the beach area to recover sand wash out. The painting on the clubhouse building and repair of railings will begin this week. We are still waiting on new material to finish the concrete patching. The repair and replacement to the railroad ties and the replacing the lighting in the wet slip area have started. Several other beautification projects are ongoing.

We are blessed to have some very talented individuals employed at the marina and they do a great job in keeping our facilities in top condition. Most of our projects are done in house and save us thousands of dollars annually. Our club is 16 years old and continues to be a very impressive facility. Hats off to our management and employees.

As we are now at the peak time of hurricane season, we must keep very diligent regarding the weather. Our hurricane plan is posted on our website for your review. Depending on the severity of the weather it takes between 1 and 3 days to secure our facility. We have tens of millions of dollars in boats inside our barns and we do everything in our power to keep your investments and our property safe.

Of course, the safety of our crew and members is very important. Our lightening policy is strictly enforced. If lightening is within a 6-mile range of the club, we do not send our employees out to catch boats or assist in any way. Also, if the wind exceeds 20 mph we cannot launch or lift any boat out of the water. I ask all members to please respect these policies.

Reserves CD$110,787
Total Reserve$335,146


Unfortunately, the unprecedented and acute shortage of qualified employees continues to be an issue at the club. Our management has done an outstanding job in keeping the club operating at a very high level. The July Employee of the Month is a new employee, Diana Morgenthal. She works in the food & beverage area and has done exceedingly well. Drop in and congratulate her!!


The food and beverage division is running very well under the direction of division manager Adrian Boneta and GM Chad Edmonds. Member comments on the bar, food and service are excellent. Summer is our slow time of year and as usual, I am asking our members, new and old, to please patronize our bar and restaurant whenever possible. This division is important to our 5 Star Club, and we need your business to keep it operating in its present form.

Part of our service is to offer our 4th floor for private parties and business meetings. We recently 2 events for long time members. One was a beautiful wedding, and the other was a surprise birthday a wedding I followed up with both members after the event for their feedback. Their comments are below.

Birthday Party Feedback comment:

Hi Peter,
We would be very honored for you to share my email. It was a very memorable time for Billy as well as our family and friends. Everything went very smoothly, and staff were so accommodating. We look forward to more events at the club.

Wedding Feedback comment:

It was so well done…your crew worked very hard to make sure. The fact is I think Adrian managed it perfectly!
In basketball terms: it was nothing but net from center court…. twice.

Thank you for checking in,

Our Board of Directors is comprised of successful businessmen who have years of experience in owning their own businesses very successfully. We manage the club that is closely monitored with a great deal of personal involvement. Our mission is to operate the club as a business and ensure the financial security of the club with special emphasis on member and guest safety and enjoyment on each visit. Once again, I thank you all for your continued support and encouragement and I am available to assist you in any way

Peter Mazzagatti, President