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President’s Report June 2024

 Dear Members,

The long, hot Summer is upon us, and our maintenance projects, a testament to the dedication of our employees and management, have begun. Since so much of the club has been repaired or replaced after Hurricane Ian, no major projects are on the agenda this year. All summer projects are performed by our employees under the direction of our GM, Chad Edmonds, his team of supervisors, and the Board of Directors.

The National Weather Service has issued a concerning report on the projected Hurricane activity for 2024, predicting a highly active season. In response, we have proactively intensified our efforts to safeguard our property, buildings, equipment, and boats. Our comprehensive hurricane plan is readily available for review on our website:

Our last restoration project, replacing the siding on our buildings and clubhouse, has been particularly challenging. As work progressed, our contractor identified significant structural issues that were discovered after the metal siding was removed. We immediately consulted with our engineering firm, who confirmed the need to address these issues to ensure the siding could withstand high winds. This has caused delays in completing the siding job.

The entire rebuilding process has been a long, stressful, and frustrating experience, made more difficult by numerous delays and unexpected issues. We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience during this challenging time. Your support has been invaluable to us.

Our business has not just survived, but thrived, a testament to our collective efforts and the unwavering resilience of our club. The winter season was steady, and May was exceptional. Over the four-day Memorial Day weekend, we successfully launched 210 boats, dispensed 9,000 gallons of fuel, and achieved over $21,000 in sales. We managed to stay ahead of schedule and received commendable feedback from our valued members, a clear sign of our club’s bright future.

That weekend, including our first “Member Appreciation Day” of the summer, was a huge success. We gave hotdogs and snack items to our members. Our next Member Appreciation event will be scheduled for Labor Day weekend.

April and May Employees of The Month

Our SHYC April Employee of the Month was Cesar Morales. Cesar is a long-term employee and former Employee of the Year award winner who does a terrific job. In addition to his duties as a boat washer, Cesar also assists in training new employees. Well deserved, Cesar; congratulations!

Our May Employee of the Month is Jose Garcia. Jose works in our boat wash team and does a terrific job of maintaining our high levels of cleanliness.

Extended bar and food service hours during the Summer.

Our bar and restaurant hours throughout the summer season will be extended, and the owner’s lounge will be open until 8 PM on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for your enjoyment. I particularly want to thank the members who have patronized the bar and restaurant since our re-opening. Your patronage is essential and enables us to continue this valuable service to our members and guests.

May was one of the few times in the last 14 years that I did not send the members a President’s report to inform them of what was happening at our club. I had a family medical emergency that needed my full attention. Several of the members, as well as the management, know of the situation, and their support and prayers were very much appreciated. We have one member who is a brilliantly gifted surgeon. I credit him with helping save the life of my incredible wife after she experienced life-threatening post-operation complications. He visited us in intensive care multiple times a day, including weekends, called and emailed me every day, and helped make a medical decision that was a turning point in her illness. I will not mention the doctor’s name as I am not sure he would want me to, but my family and I will be eternally grateful to him.

Your Board of Directors and my mission is to offer all of our members and their guests a 5 Star Experience each time you visit the club. All aspects of club operation are vital to us. If your experience in our marina boat service, food service, valet, personnel, or any facet of our club operation fails to meet your expectations, or if it is exceptional, please let me know. I am always available to help members in any way possible. Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. May God bless our great nation in this great time of need!


Peter Mazzagatti, President
Sanibel Harbour Yacht Club
239-470-9577 Mobile