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President’s Report: May & June 2022

Dear Members,

I hope that your summer is going well. Of course, the summer months are relatively slow, so it gives us time do our annual maintenance and update projects. We have completed the following projects thus far:

  • The pavers at the entrance to our property and around the clubhouse have been cleaned and sealed. They look terrific.
  • Concrete by the launch pad will be patched soon, as we have done on a yearly basis. The concrete around the premises continues to be problematic and the expensive patching is not the answer. The Board is meeting with engineering firms and is researching what needs to be done to correct this problem.

Upcoming projects

The other major project on schedule is the repainting of the exterior clubhouse. This is scheduled for end of August.
There are many small projects that are done on a yearly basis to keep our property in its beautiful condition that we all enjoy!
We are in the early months of hurricane season. Our hurricane plan has been reviewed and updated where necessary.

Our acute employee shortage continues to be a real issue not only in SW Florida but nationwide. The Board of Directors and the club management are working diligently to improve the situation.

I want to urge all of our members to please patronize the cocktail lounge and restaurant as much as possible. Because of ever increasing food cost, labor expense, a tight job market and limited seating capacity the cost to run the food service division is high and we need sales. Unlike many private clubs we do not have annual minimum spending requirements of our members or lessees. Thus, member support is imperative to keep food division operating as it presently exists. If you know of anyone looking for employment, please let us know. We are literally down to a skeleton crew. We need valets, boat washers, bartenders and servers. We offer some excellent benefits including health insurance, 401K, and generous Christmas bonuses. We also have sign on bonuses for qualified candidates.

Memorial Day Weekend Hot Dog Giveaway

Saturday May 28 is the first of 3-holiday hot dog giveaway, Free hotdogs, snacks and soft drinks from 11am-1pm to all of our members and their guests. Of course, we hope that Mother Nature is kind to us with the weather.


Our Employee of the Month for May is Sean Cross. Sean is one of our chefs and also has been filling in with some bartending in order to keep the owner’s lounge operating. He has solid skills and under the direction of Kicker Brown and Food and Beverage Manager Adrian Boneta has really grown in his skills. He has a great attitude and we are happy to have him on our staff.


Total Reserves$314,722

As always, the Board of Directors and I want to thank you for your continued support.

I am always available to assist our members on any club matter of concern to them. Please let me know how we are doing!
Happy Memorial Day. Let us all celebrate the patriots and heroes that have fought and sacrificed so much to help keep the greatest country on earth free for almost 250 years! GOD BLESS THEM AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Peter Mazzagatti, President