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President’s Report: October 2022

 Dear Members, 

I am an original owner at SHYC. I have served on the Board as President for 11 years. Like most of you, I love and take great pride in our club. With this being said, this is the most difficult report that I have ever had to write for you. As you know, our club has suffered very severe damage from Hurricane Ian. I have not been able to communicate with you directly until today. My home also suffered severe damage and I still have no internet communication and have sporadic power outages. The club has no power or communications yet. The Board of Directors, Chad and our management team are working 12 + hour days and are making great progress on the monumental task of getting the marina repaired and operating as soon as possible. 

You have received detailed status reports on the repair process from Chad. The most recent one was Monday, October 17. These reports will continue in a timely manner as the process continues. I assure you that every aspect of repairing our club is being addressed. The Board and management have contracted with experienced disaster recovery professionals to do the work right. 

I must address one very important matter. We all feel the same about our boat. We love it and we want to know what damage they might have suffered as a result of a 14-15 foot storm surge and 140+ winds that occurred as the monster hurricane came assure. A top priority is to get our forklifts operating and get those boats back in their bunks. People want to come into the marina to see their boat. Believe me, I understand but unfortunately, we cannot allow this at this time, but the moment that we have clearance this process can begin, and hopefully it will be soon. I was at the club today and I met with the owner of the recovery team and Chad. I asked how dangerous it is to let members who have boats and their adjustors see what damage, if any, had occurred to the first boats. The answer was “it is very dangerous”. If the weight of one of the boats that are stacked in various positions shifts, it could kill someone. There is also gasoline that has spilled causing another potential hazard. 

Your Board of Directors is comprised of five individuals who have successfully owned and operated multiple businesses. We are at the club on a continual basis. I am in touch with Chad either in person or on the phone at least 4 times a day. We are blessed with an outstanding management staff headed by General Manager Chad Edmonds. Yes, the recovery process is going to be difficult, but we will have the club back 100% as soon as possible. I will continue to give you progress reports as we proceed. 


Peter Mazzagatti, President 

Sanibel Harbour Yacht Club