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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find information regarding Slips that are For Sale or Rent?

Visit our Sales and Lease page to view our current list. From here, you can choose the appropriate sized slip you will need for your boat and contact the owner/realtor directly regarding availability and cost. (Boat test fit required see question test fit below)

When can I schedule a tour of the facility?

Tours of the facility are available Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. Advanced notice is greatly appreciated.

What is the monthly cost to be a SHYC Owner?

SHYC requires a monthly dues fee of $460. This allows you access to the facility and its benefits.

Why is there no tipping?

To provide all SHYC members with an equal and fair level of service. SHYC offers an annual Holiday Christmas Fund that members may donate into to show their appreciation for the hard work and dedication that our Marina Staff exhibits. Donations to this fund are greatly appreciated.

What benefits do I receive as a SHYC member?

As a SHYC member you will be granted access to our facility, its Valet parking, Deli, Bar/Lounge, Scheduled Work Rack’s

What does SHYC do with my boat once I leave the marina?

SHYC will remove your boat from our basin with the forklift, flush your engines with Fresh Water and Salt Terminator, provide a general wash and scrub down with a soft bristle brush, turn your batteries off and put your boat covers on. We will then properly stow your boat in its slip.

What does SHYC do with my boat prior to my arrival at the marina?

When you schedule your boat to be launched, we will pull the boat down, splash it into the water, provide a general scrub down, dry interior of boat, and add any goods (i.e. ice, beer, fuel, bait) that you request.

What is the largest sized boat your marina can accommodate?

SHYC has a maximum overall vessel length of 45’. This number varies on the specific location of where the boat will be stowed. There are several other factors to take into consideration such as clearances and weight. Contact the Harbour Master for further insight.

If I want to purchase or rent a slip, what is the procedure required to bring my boat to make sure it fits?

SHYC requires boats to be test fit prior to purchase or rental of a slip. SHYC does test fitting by appointment only through the Harbour Master advance notice is required on a first come first serve basis.

Test fittings are Tuesday through Friday between 10:00am-1:00pm.

If I purchase or rent a slip, what clearances are required to ensure my boat fits?

Required clearances are 8 inches on top, 4 inches on bottom, and 3 inches on each side.

SHYC also has a “Boat Hull Clear Space” Requirement mandating a minimum of 15” of Clearance from the blade of the propeller to the edge of the hull.
If your vessel does not meet the “Clear Space” requirement, a custom aluminum cradle will be required to be provided by the vessel owner. See Harbour Master for more information.

What insurance coverage do I need?

SHYC requires that “Sanibel Harbour Yacht Club” is added as an “Additionally Insured” on the policy for the boat.

I own 2 boats but have 1 slip. Can I have both boats at SHYC at one time?

Only 1 boat per owner, per slip is allowed on property at any given time.

I am out on my friend’s boat but I am a SHYC member. Can I come in and dock at the marina and/or get fuel?

Due to insurance regulations, the only vessels allowed in the Harbour must be registered to a Yacht Club member and have proper insurance documentation on file.

I am a SHYC member. Can my friend pick me up in the Marina Basin on their personal boat?

Due to insurance regulations, the only vessels allowed in the Harbour must be registered to a Yacht Club member and have proper insurance documentation on file.

How do I schedule a Work Rack for my mechanic to work on my boat?

You can schedule a Work Rack by contacting Harbour Master Javier Rodriguez at (239) 600-4563. Work Racks are available in limited quantities and are on a Monday through Friday basis. Work Racks are not available on Holidays or Weekends.

Can my mechanic come work on my boat?

All mechanics or outside vendors looking to provide services at SHYC must bring a copy of their certificate of liability with our name on it and carry a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability coverage.

Where do I find a Vendor List?

SHYC provides a detailed vendor list under our Documents tab on our website. The Vendor list is also available in the Ship Store.

I need to have my boat taken off/put onto my trailer. When can I do this and how?

Trailer loading and unloading is currently prohibited. Please take your boat to the nearest boat ramp to launch it and bring it in via water. Alternatively, you can contact Port Sanibel or Diversified Yacht Services, as they can handle loading and unloading boats from trailers.

How do I launch my boat?

You may utilize our Boat Cloud App or call the Ship Store at (239) 333-4200

When is the soonest I can launch my boat?

SHYC requires a one hour minimum advanced notice. First come, first serve and reservation availability pending. Advance notice required.

How early can I go out on my boat?

Earliest reservations are at 7am, however, you can have your boat splashed the night before for an early morning departure. Your boat will receive the same attention and care, will be washed and all requested goods added onboard.

How late can I return with my boat?

SHYC’s marina is staffed until approximately the time of sunset. However, if you decide to come back later, you may dock your own boat and leave it for us to take out the following morning.

SHYC has nighttime security on property to watch over your investment.

If I am late for my reservation, what happens?

If a member is late for their reservation, after one hour, SHYC reserves the right to stow your boat.

How do I make purchases at the marina? (i.e. fuel, bait, etc.)

All members have a House Account that they can charge to. If you have guests who would like to make purchases, they can pay with a debit or credit card. SHYC is a NO CASH Facility.

Does SHYC sell bait?

SHYC does sell bait. We have live frozen squid, sardines and chum for your fishing pleasure. (Limited availability, call Ships Store)

Where can I park my trailer?

Parking a trailer on Association property is not allowed at any time. However, there are several storage facilities in the area where you can pay for temporary or long-term storage.

Do you offer Reciprocity to other Yacht Clubs?

SHYC does not offer reciprocity with other Yacht Clubs.

Are you open to the public?

SHYC is a private, members only facility.

What are the Bar/Deli hours of operation?

The Deli is open every day from 7am to 5pm, seven days a week. The Bar is open Friday from 12pm to 8pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 8pm. (Summer Hours & staffing may vary these times)

Are you open 365 days a year?

Our facility is open every day except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, however, we offer a limited amount of marina space for members wanting to use their boats on those days, which will be splashed the day before. Contact Harbour Master for further information.

What are your hours of operation?

Hours of operation are sunrise to sunset, with the Fuel Dock closing daily at 5:00 pm.

What types of fuel do you offer?

SHYC offers 90 Octane Ethanol Free Fuel, 93 Octane, as well as Diesel.

How deep is the Marina Basin?

The draft of the Basin is approximately 6’

What Hurricane rating is your building?

Our building is rated to Miami-Dade hurricane standards. (Category 3)

Can my boat stay in the marina in the event of a hurricane?

See Hurricane Preparedness Guidelines located on our website.

What are the GPS Coordinates of SHYC?

The GPS coordinates are 26.487801,-82.010768

What are the tides?

You can check our local tides by visiting and searching Punta Rassa tides.

Does SHYC have a Pump Out station?

SHYC does provide Pump Out services upon request.

What is for sale in the Ships Store?

Limited SHYC apparel for sale.

What are the current fuel prices?

Contact the Ship store directly for the most up-to-date fuel pricing information.

Can I use the pool next door at the Marriott?

Access to their facility amenities is considered case by case and approval is needed, contact 239-466-4000